About Us


Excited to introducing the founder of Nail Wish, Taz.

I created Nail Wish in 2022 after using nail wraps myself for over two years with a lot of trial and error. We are a small business located in Melbourne, Victoria.

Unable to find a homegrown nail kit that was affordable, high-quality, non-toxic and cruelty-free, we took matters into our own hands and brought Nail Wish to life.

Our vision was simple, so the company was developed with a desire to continue to help busy individuals to have flawless nails without the time constraints trying to make it to a salon every few weeks.


Ever spent money on a manicure or some amazing nail art only to have it chip within a few hours or then that ugly grow out? Or spent an hour doing a home manicure and then pick up your phone and it's ruined! Or do you have a busy life and struggle to get to a salon?

We've experienced all of these, which is why we set up Nail Wish!

Use our amazing Semicured UV Gel Nail Wraps with no drying time and a no fuss application that allows you to feel fabulous with hardly any effort. We wanted a tough finish that would keep up with your fast pace of life! Plus, we wanted you to look as if you had been to the salon..... but without the cost or having to fit in a visit.

When you buy from Nail Wish you can be assured of getting fast, fun and fabulous salon quality nails, with none of the drawbacks!

We hope you love our products as much as we do!

From The Nail Wish Team XXOO