How to Apply & Remove Gel Nail Wraps

Step 1

Prep Your Nails

First wash your hands in soap to remove any oils. Push back your cuticles. Wipe your nails with some nail polish remover. Lastly make sure your hands are dry before application. 

Step 2

Select Your Design

Choose your design then pick the right size gel nail wraps for your nails. The sets have different widths to match your cuticle's shape.

Step 3

Place Your Wrap

Place the gel wrap close to the cuticle without touching your skin, otherwise it may fall off prematurely. With the ability to gently stretch the edges to give you that perfect fit! 

Step 4

Stick Your Wrap

The wrap can be applied as a sticker! Press down onto the nail firmly. The glue will adhere to your nail, and smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles. Use the cuticle stick to press down the edges. 

Step 5

Trim Off The Excess

Trim any excess with nail scissors or clippers. Then file your nail gently to smooth it out before curing under the Gel Lamp. 

Step 6

Cure Your Nails

Cure your nails with our UV Nail Lamp for 1-3 minutes. Repeat until completely hardened. 

Step 7


File the edges again for a smoother finish. Gel Wrap Nails are not extensions to the length of your current nails. Avoid water for the first hour. 

They Last...

Gel Wraps last for up to 2 weeks without damaging your nails! They are made from real gel polish, odor-free, and are easily applied. Adding shine to your nails and stops biting. 

Step 1

It's Time To Remove!

Lift the wrap up gently from the edges. Using the wooden stick, apply nail polish remover drops between your nail and the wrap. 

Step 2

Remove Your Wrap

Slide the soaked wooden stick under the wrap back and forth until it easily comes off. Avoid any sudden lifting to prevent nail damage. 

Step 3

Clean Your Nails

Clean your nails with nail polish remover and a wipe to get rid of any traces of remaining adhesive on your nail bed. 

Step 4

Naked Nails

You have successfully removed the strips! We recommend waiting a few days to let your nails breathe before reapplying your next set of Gel Nail Wraps.