Janice C - 07/03/2024

Returning Customer

I'm a returning customer and love the wraps! So many designs and they are so easy to put on look great and last!

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Brooke T - 09/03/2024

Love Love Love!

Love this so much and I will be buying more soon. They have helped my weak nails and they are growing!

Brittney B - 05/03/2024

So Cute

I could never paint my own nails, I'd get it everywhere or knock them or they look horrible. Gel Nails were so easy to put on and don't damage my nails. They are a life saver!

Sharon M - 01/03/2024

Longer and Stronger

These nails are great and so easy to use. They've helped my natural nails grow and be stronger!

Jessica G - 27/02/2024

Great Product!

These are so easy to apply and have lasted nearly 3 weeks! My nails have started to grow and I don't bight them. I will never go back to the salon. Great for the price!

Kate L - 27/02/2024

So Many Compliments

I love your product. So easy to apply and even easier to remove. They look and feel just like my real nail. Plus so many compliments

Tanya P - 14/02/2024

I Need More Please!

I can't believe they only took me 15 mins to apply a full set of nails! They look great and want to try more designs

Karen O - 13/02/2024

I Love My Wraps

I love my Gel Nail Wraps so much. Thank you Nail Wish, I tell everyone about them xxoo

Serena V - 04/02/2024

Highly Recommended

My nails were so damaged after years at the salon. Gel Wraps were so easy to apply and lasted for weeks. I love these so much and highly recommend